Shaheed Smarak

Jabalpur – the heart of mahakoushal has lot off historical monuments. Shaheed Smarak is one of the most important historical monuments.

As the name suggests it reminds us of a force of unknown freedom fighter’s who has sacrificed their lives for the happiness of future generations. Even before the independence mahakaushal congress committee had taken oath that at 0 hours off 21st oct 1945 a historical monument will be made on this land. This monument would be built on bones and blood of freedom fighters.

On 3rd August 1947, just before 11 days of independence some persons were deputed to materialized this dream and on 26th April 1956, Shaheed Smarak was inaugurated by our 1st prime minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and it was opened for the public.

As per the wish of the trustees a stage was made for the culture activities of the city. In 1963 the great cine actor and stage artist Prthvi Raj Kapoor had acted on this stage. On this stage Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, English & Parsi acts were played. Even Iranian, Palestinian and Nepalese had also organized their cultural activities on this stage.

This round shaped monument is of great attraction today also and many cultural as well political gatherings are arranged at Shaheed Smarak.

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Shaheed SmarakShaheed SmarakShaheed Smarak