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Jabalpur is the Judicial Head Quarters for State of Madhya Pradesh. MP High Court or commonly known as High Court is a huge grey coloured building with thick walls and a huge campus. It is one of the most beautiful architecture of British period. This building is the pride of Jabalpur city.

The building itself dates from somewhere in 1886 and was designed by Henry Irwin, C.I.E., P.W.D. and constructed by Raja Gokul Das, Grand Father of Late Seth Govind Das, Former Member of Parliament. The architecture of the building is mixed baroque and oriental with material used as brick-lime constituting ornamental towers and cornices. The arches as well as the bastions at the corner are ornamental.

Before formation of the new State of Madhya Pradesh the building housed the Collector's Office, Law Courts and Treasury. On 1st November, 1956, when the present State of Madhya Pradesh was formed, Jabalpur was chosen to be the Judicial Head Quarters for the State. Consequently, the said building was selected and approved by late Hon'ble Shri Justice M. Hidayatullah, first Chief Justice of new Madhya Pradesh, for the High Court.

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