Amarkantak is a place of great religious importance for the Hindus. It is actually a Sanskrit word, meaning "which is immortal". The poet Kalidas has mentioned it as Amrakoot. People believe that the dense forests of this region were once full of mango (amra) trees. So Kalidas named it as Amrakoot, which later became Amarkantak.
Amarkantak is a religious town, being the birthplace of the sacred river Narmada, located at a distance of 218km from Jabalpur. It is called as the "Teerthraj" meaning the king of pilgrimages. It is a mesmerizing and natural marvel and the meeting point of the Vindhya and the Satpura mountain ranges.
It is believed that who ever dies in Amarkantak is assured of a place in heaven. Mythology says that when Lord Shiva destroyed Tripura the ashes fell upon mount Kailash, and Amarkantak, which turned into crores of Shivalingas. But today only one is visible at Jwaleshwar in Amarkantak. Amarkantak is a great-unexplored tourism destination which is full of natural beauty and religious importance.
Some prime tourist attractions of Amarkantak are -
1. Narmadakund and temples : At the place of origin of Narmada River there is an open pool known as Narmadakund. Around this kund there are number of temples such as Narmada and Shiva temple, Kartikey temple, Shri Ram Janki temple etc.
2. Sonemuda : It is the place of origin of Sone River. The river is called so since gold dust is found in the water of Sone river. The river cascades from the mountain in a waterfall hundreds of feet long.
3. Mai ki Bagiya : It is a grove of mango, banana, gulbakavli trees in dense forests dedicated to goddess Narmada.
4. Kapildhara : It is a eye catching waterfall located between the mountains and lush greenery.
5. Kabir chabutra : The place where Saint Kabir performed austerities here and achieved spiritual powers.
6. Jwaleshwar Mahadev : The temple with a shivalinga that is believed to be established by Lord Shankar himself. A place of "Maha Rudra Meru", the abode of Shiva.

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